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Wigs for kids program

Wigs For The Biggest Kids

Wigs For The Biggest Kids

Application Form  AAAF Wigs For The Biggest Kids 2015  

The AAAF believes that whether to wear a wig or not is a personal choice. As government assistance and Medicare / Private Health Care rebates are limited and vary across states, the AAAF is offering from November 1st 2015 – February 28th 2016 a once off program to assist seniors in updating or purchasing a new wig.

Application Criteria:

  • The amount awarded is a total of $700.00 inclusive of GST.
  • The applicant will need to provide relevant proof of age, in the form of a scan or photograph of a valid license, passport, health care card or pension card.
  • The applicant will also need to supply a confirmation that you do have a form of alopecia areata. Your GP can fill in the form attached in the application or write and sign a not to the same effect.
  • AAAF can provide a list of Wig Providers in your state. A  Wig Provider needs to be selected as part of this application. AAAF has the right to refuse the Wig Provider if we do not believe the Wig Provider will provide an overall positive experience and quality product for the applicant.
  • The successful applicant will receive a voucher to present to the Wig Provider on collection of the wig.  The Wig Provider will invoice AAAF directly quoting the voucher reference number.
  • The grant is valid only until 30/06/2016 and must be used before this date or it will be forfeited.

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