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Chel – President and Treasurer

In 2010, afterChel 12 years exposure to Alopecia Areata, Chel’s passion for unconditional acceptance of appearance diversity fuelled the foundation’s creation.  It is this passion that drives the belief that by 2020 Alopecia Areata will be known, understood, accepted and ultimately treatable. Having worked 25 plus years in the IT industry, Chel’s business knowledge supports the operational processes throughout the foundation.



Georgia – Secretary

GEORGIA1Georgia joined AAAF in 2011 having had Alopecia Areata since age 4. Georgia’s involvement with AAAF up to 2016 focused on the youth as a Support Ambassador.
With her background in media and communications, she is passionate about changing people’s experiences and perceptions of alopecia and developing awareness campaigns.




Judy – Queensland Branch Manager and Vice President.


Judy joined AAAF as Brisbane Branch Manager in January 2014 and also works full time as an Administrator for an Aluminium Distribution Company. She has had Alopecia Universalis since 2005 and is passionate about spreading awareness and helping others cope with the disease. In 2016, Judy also took on the role of Vice President.




Sabine – General Committee Member

Sabine is a SAbinemember of the AAAF General Committee. She joined the group in 2011 because the group provided invaluable support when her daughter was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata and lost all her hair at 11. Sabine is an Educational Publisher and wants to create awareness about the condition, support others and ultimately eradicate this disease.




Sarah – NSW Branch Manager

Sarah1Sarah joined as the NSW Branch Manager  in 2016. Sarah has experienced Alopecia Areata is some form for 25 years. Sarah studied Commerce at University,  and after building multiple e-commerce sites, owning a personal training franchise, and being head of marketing within a health food and pharmaceutical company, she decided to pursue her dreams and run’s her own business that combines her passion and career  and founded The Beautiful Hair Boutique. Her personal goal is to remove the stigma around wearing wigs, so everyone with any form of medical hair loss will feel confident and beautiful with any hair they have on.


Liz – South Australia Branch Manager

LizLiz was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata in 1985, and has offered support to women with hair loss ever since. So it was a natural stepping stone to her joining the AAAF in 2010 as the South Australian Branch Manager.

There is a family history of Alopecia Areata so Liz is passionate in offering support and raising awareness of the disease. She hopes that through research a cure will be found in the future.

Liz works in the family Agricultural and Viticultural business and is a part-time Office Manager in her husband’s legal firm.


Greg – Western Australia Branch Manager

Greg has been impacted by Alopecia Areata since 2006 and as a parent he has seen first hand the impact it can have.
He is passionate about making lives better for people with Alopecia Areata in its many forms and has been on the National Committee since 2011. Greg is an Engineer and works in the resource sector.

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