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Psychological Research 


AAAF engaged with RMIT University for study into the impact of physical activity on mental health and quality of life for people with Alopecia Areata. Ongoing study opportunities look toward analyzing physical and emotional barriers to physical activity experienced by people with Alopecia Areata, with a look toward identifying solutions to these barriers.

The current study is called “Associations between physical activity, quality of life (QoL) and mental health in patients with Alopecia Areata: The Physical Activity, quality of Life and Mental health (PALM) study.” by Jason Wong.


AAAF engaged the University of Victoria:  Psychosocial Impact of living with a family member with Alopecia Areata by Jennifer Davies –Family Unit Thesis


AAAF engaged the University of Victoria:

1) The study is entitled “Alopecia Areata: The impact over time.” by Ryan Veal Summary Page Alopecia and Acceptance The influence of length in time SINCE diagnosis in coping with hair loss disorders    Thesis  Alopecia and Acceptance 2013

2) The study is entitled “Investigation the impact of Alopecia Areata on women’s self-esteem, mood states and coping”. by Jessica Martino Summary Paper – The Impact of Alopecia Areata on Women Self-Esteem Mood   Thesis Impact Alopecia Areata has on women- Research Thesis


AAAF engaged the University of Victoria to do a study of AA in our youths.  Please find the result of this study attached.  Coping and the Psychosocial Impact of Alopecia Areata in Young Australians: An Exploratory Study by Louise Borg. Summary Paper  – Thesis

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