Support for Teens

Teens living with Alopecia Areata may seek information and resources about the condition. This is a collection of some of AAAF’s content which may be of value to you. 


Support Groups

Support groups are a fantastic way to get in touch with other people who are living with Alopecia Areata, to ask questions and find new friends. AAAF has support groups, run as a closed group on Facebook, in most states. We ask that, where possible, you only ask to join one group of the state you live in.  We take great care to ensure our Support Groups are a safe and friendly environment. As such, when you request to join a group, please expect to be contacted by an administrator to check that you are seeking to join the correct state group and are part of the alopecia community.


Support Ambassadors

AAAF’s Support Ambassadors can be contacted directly for one-on-one support, and, wherever possible, can assist with hosting information sessions about Alopecia at schools, clubs and youth groups. 


Brochures, Information Sheets and Infographics

Many of these brochures were created following psychological research undertaken by AAAF. 

The “Teens Talking to Teens” brochure draws on their experiences of teens with Alopecia Areata from around Australia. 

The “Coping with Alopecia Areata” brochure includes information about the most helpful strategies for managing the impact of Alopecia Areata on your life. 

This brochure includes information on how the grieving process can accompany hair loss, and how this can impact people of various age groups, including teens.

This information sheet has been created for parents, family and guardians of teens with alopecia.  Knowing the signs, how to start a conversation and where you can get support can change the lives of young people going through hard times.

These infographics were created to highlight some of the common things people with AA hear, and what you can say instead.  It can be useful for those with loved ones living with Alopecia Areata to be aware of how well intended comments may be frustrating or hurtful.


Love, Alopecia

Love,  Alopecia is AAAF’s blog. It has articles and stories on a range of topics related to Alopecia Areata. The following articles might be of particular interest.

Taking the Plunge: Telling people about your Alopecia

Ask the Experts – Young Adult Perspectives

AAAdventure Camp 2017


Video Resources

AAAF have a number of video resources which may be useful for you. You can find more by subscribing on YouTube


 Get Help

If you need help or support immediately, we recommend reaching out to the following organisations.