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Brochure – On the grieving process that can accompany hair loss.

Brochure – Coping with Alopecia Areata

A new brochure Coping with AA 2014 aims to help both males and females accept and cope with changes that result from a diagnosis of  Alopecia Areata.  The information is the result of two studies conducted in 2013.

Brochure – Teens talking About Alopecia

A new brochure is posted under the Youth News Page – This brochure was  constructed from the thoughts of our teenagers.

Brochure – Women talking About Alopecia

This brochure aims to help women understand, accept and come to terms with some of  the difficulties and changes that result from a diagnosis of Alopecia  Areata. The information presented is the result of a survey in 2012 to  which 31 women responded. 10% had some form of Alopecia Areata for less  than 1 year, 25% for 1-3 years and 65% have had Alopecia for more than 3 years.

Brochure – Parents talking to Parents

A new brochure is posted under the Support /Parent Support Page. This brochure was   constructed from the thoughts of our members on raising children with   Alopecia Areata.


AlopeciaModel: Empowering Conscious Perception and Experience of Alopecia Areata

Jana Buhlmann has been developing this tool through online observation and the asking of questions.  How is it that we process the entry of alopecia areata into our lives? Please provide feedback as that dialogue may result in additional tools that support groups can use. For now it is about sharing the core model. Enjoy!

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