Welcoming Carlo and Michelle!

Welcoming Carlo and Michelle!

November has been a big month for us! Not only have we celebrated Alopecia Areata Awareness Week but we have also welcomed two new team members: 

Say a big HELLO to our new NSW Branch Manager – Carlo! 👋🏼

Carlo joined the AAAF as a committee member in June 2017. Carlo is originally from Salford, UK and has been living in Australia since 2004. Carlo has had Alopecia Universalis since the age of 5. This has not stopped him in anyway, being a professional rugby league player in the UK Super League and coaching the Italian Rugby League in the World Cup in 2013. Following on from his high performance life as a player and a coach Carlo has been employed in numerous executive positions using his expertise in high performance to assist with the growth of business’s in different sectors.

Carlo has also been an ambassador for children’s charities and was a trustee of Alopecia UK when he undertook a year contract helping a family business in the UK. Carlo is focused on the awareness of alopecia in the general public and providing support to the alopecia community especially children.

Carlo can be contacted at carlo@aaaf.org.au


AAAF would like to officially welcome Michelle to the team! 

Michelle developed her first small patch of alopecia areata at age 15, in 1992. It stayed quite small for about 3 years when Michelle rapidly started losing many patches of hair from her scalp, eyebrows, and eyelashes, which still constantly regrow and fall out. Michelle understands the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with alopecia, but she also knows that with support you can live a happy and fulfilling life. Michelle is married and a busy Mum of 5 girls! She has worked in Children’s Services for over 20 years and decided this year to pursue a change of direction, studying Counseling this year.

She has been organising events for the AAAF community in an unofficial capacity for several years, and now that it’s official we are excited to see more of her at our upcoming events!