Grant A Wig for Kids Testimonials

  • Thank you very much. As a sixteen-year-old living day to day with her hair falling out, this money has helped so much to gain my confidence back within myself – India

  • Being diagnosed with Alopecia at such a young age we were at a loss as to where to start Amy’s journey in discovering more about the condition, in avenues that may help Amy and in support groups tailored for young kids diagnosed with Alopecia.

    The AAAF Grant A Wig for Kids (formerly the Wigs For Kids) program has a detailed and informative website full of extremely helpful and honest information.  The program itself is a wonderful opportunity for families to apply and have a huge percentage of their wig granted for by the organisation.  We were lucky enough to be awarded this grant and we can’t thank the AAAF Committee and all their volunteers for making such a huge impact in Amy’s journey.

    If you are at a loss as to where to begin with your own journey we highly recommend their website.  Thank you again AAAF Grant A Wig for Kids (formerly the Wigs For Kids). – Patricia and Amy

  • Purchasing Malachi’s first wig was an exciting and emotional journey for us. We felt incredibly supported by the Grant a Wig for Kids Program… As Malachi never had hair, I had fully expected that at some stage he would be interested in finding out what he looked like with hair. It did not surprise me that he swiftly wished to try life with a wig.

    I had always planned to honour this journey of curiosity with the best product that our circumstances would allow. I did not ever expect that there would be such financial and emotional support available to us at that time. We felt buoyed by the systems that were in place and the generosity of funds and spirit. – Karen

  • We’d sincerely like to thank the AAAF for their help in our purchase of a wig for our 9 year old daughter. To see the look on her face when she was trying on different wigs was priceless, to see the change in her confidence when in public has been even more startling. Gone are the hats and hoodies when out in public and looking down at her feet as she was tired of people staring at her. She’s now become quite fashion-conscious, beautiful!!!

  • I can’t thank AAAF enough for their support in assisting us purchasing a wig for Ivy. It has provided her with the confidence and comfort in her skin to navigate the back to school journey. It was amazing for us to see the massive smile on her face when we picked the wig up and she wore it for the first time.
  • We would like to express our gratitude to AAAF for their generous donation that assisted us towards the purchase of our daughters’ wig. She was excited to get her wig and we are reassured knowing that this will give her confidence moving forward. Thank you so much to the foundation for their responsiveness, compassion and assistance, it is greatly appreciated.
  • On behalf of Alexandra and myself, we would like to thank AAAF for the generous donation towards Alexandra’s hair purchase. Your financial assistance has been greatly appreciated. I believe because Alexandra has the option to wear her piece or not, she has accepted and embraced her Alopecia more. Hopefully one day in the near future, Alexandra and I can offer support, and inspire other people and their families to embrace, accept, love, and see the beautiful uniqueness of Alopecia.
  • Thank you so much for the Grant A Wig for Kids (formerly the Wigs For Kids) program, it helped us to be able to afford a human hair wig. I feel so gorgeous and comfortable with my new hair and have an option rather than wearing hats. Sarah
  • Faye, aged 10 from Tasmania won a specially donated children’s wig during our Grant A Wig for Kids (formerly the Wigs For Kids) Competition in 2016.
    “I have lots of things that make me happy. I like doing my best at sports and trying hard at school. I like sailing, ballet, soccer, and swimming and I am in a skipping team. At first, it was hard to keep doing them when I lost my hair but I don’t get as worried about it now. I love doing my sister’s hair and really love sewing
    and knitting. I do wish that I didn’t have alopecia but I do so I have to make the most of the situation and get on with enjoying my life.”
  • I won the AAAF wig competition a few months back and finally got the chance to wear my new hair tonight. It felt so natural and I feel like a new woman!  Thank you to our generous Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation  – You have put a smile on my face! xxx
  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Our daughter is bursting out of her skin with excitement about getting her new wig!!
    Thank you!
  •  I would just like to thank you all so much for accepting and approving my Grant A Wig for Kids (formerly the Wigs For Kids). I was so happy and went straight to the wig store to purchase my new wig!! They provided me with lots of helpful advice on how to take care of it and what to do when I want to apply heat. Thank you again for giving me this fantastic opportunity.
  •  Thank you so much to the team at AAAF. The Grant A Wig for Kids (formerly the Wigs For Kids) program has been such a great support to me. I have never worn a wig before and was very hesitant about the whole thing, but having the wig has made me feel much better about myself. It has given me the confidence to step out and do everything that I want to do. I am happy to have found this organisation. Keep up the great work!
  • As Alopecia Awareness week comes to a close I want to share how grateful I am to AAAF for providing money to “older big kids” for wigs.  I was lucky enough to receive a grant and now have a new synthetic wig for summer.  My new wig is much cooler to wear when the “heat is on” in summer.  I have also enjoyed the videos during the past week which have been very positive and encouraging for Alopecia sufferers.
    Alopecia is indeed “life changing” and it has changed my outlook on life. I now understand that unexpected things do happen in life and that I can’t control everything. What I can control is how I handle my Alopecia and how I choose to feel about this condition.  I do value the lessons I’ve learnt
    over the past 5 years and the people I’ve met through having Alopecia and I want to say thank-you again for the support AAAF provide.
  • Thank you so much.  I am thrilled, and will take the voucher into the wig store today.  It’s wonderful to be able to look forward to feeling a whole lot more confident.  Again, thank you
  • Thank you so much! We honestly didn’t think our daughter would qualify, we are very grateful. You have made her day!!! She is so happy and now looking forward to the formal!!
    -Nikki and Rhiannon
  •  We got her wig today and she was really excited and happy! Bouncing off the walls actually! The staff at the wig store were very kind and helpful. Thank you for helping us, we are truly grateful and I am sure you agree that she looks gorgeous and radiates happiness. I hope it lasts, as I know it can be rough. She is an amazing kid with an amazing attitude. She keeps saying that now she will never have a ‘bad hair day!’
  • We very much appreciate your acceptance of our application.  It certainly assists with the financial cost of continuing to provide our daughter with her hair/wig. As I’m sure you would appreciate, we’d do anything to reduce the psychological affect alopecia areata has on our children and one way to do this is for them to have a wig so that they have choices about how they look. Once again THANK YOU!
    -Donna and Lara
  • Thanks so much for accepting my application for the Grant A Wig for Kids (formerly the Wigs For Kids) Program. I was thrilled with your most generous grant. I am delighted to advise that my new hairpiece has been ordered. I have had a complete change of colour from Brown to Blonde. As I do Dancesport, it will be interesting to see the reaction of my friends.
  • Thank you so much. I’m looking forward to choosing my new wig with renewed confidence. I’ll keep you informed of my progress.
  • Many thanks to the AAAF organisation for granting me the $700 wig voucher. For many years I have anxiously watched my hair gradually recede until it was getting to the point where I could no longer hide it. I found Pacific Hair Studio online, made an appointment and had a consultation with Helen. She helped me to see that there was a solution for my particular problem and told me of the $700 grant. I have since had my piece made up and very happy with it.
  • As I go about my life, feeling so much more feminine and confident, I am more than willing to share my story with those who may be interested as I know the anxiety and stress living with this problem has caused. There are caring people with much knowledge and practical solutions who can be of great assistance and for that I am very grateful.
    – Jill
  • This is my before and after photo with my new hair from Starkles at Mudgeeraba that AAAF enabled me to have . I am so happy with my new look I feel so much more confident when going out in public with my family and friends I get so many compliments even from people I do not know as in Shop Assistants and at sporting functions.I thank you and Starkles so much my appreciation is in abundance to your co. My very best regards
    – Elma
  • A big thank you to the AAAF for their latest initiative – Grant A Wig for Kids (formerly the Wigs For Kids).  It is great that different age groups have been invited to apply for grants towards a wig purchase over the last couple of years.  I used my grant towards the purchase of a human hair wig from Hairific at the RAH. The service I received from Christine was outstanding. I am so pleased with it and have had many favourable comments.
    – Liz
  • It has been a great relief that AAAF has been able to financially support us to buy a wig for my son who has alopecia since submitting the application it has been a quick turnaround with the approval of the application and the staff has been very supportive. – Anon
  • I’m so excited to wear this wig in public and show it off to all my friends. I’m planning to get a pink wig next, just for fun. We are so very grateful for the Grant A Wig for Kids (formerly the Wigs For Kids) program… having a child diagnosed with Alopecia is really upsetting and daunting, but having some financial assistance towards a solution is such a great support. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Lisa and Lily (recipient)