Support Ambassadors

Alopecia can feel isolating, but you are not alone. Our team is here to support you. 

AAAF Support Ambassadors are carefully selected from a cross section of the community (business, sport, politics, health, media) representing various age groups and states around Australia and all have lived with Alopecia Areata.

The Ambassadors assist the Foundation by actively promoting and creating awareness about the condition. They can be contacted directly for one-on-one support, and, wherever possible, can assist with hosting information sessions about Alopecia at schools, clubs and youth groups. However, please be aware that all our Ambassadors are volunteers and attending events is subject to their availability, and the date and location of the events.


Jo  – reach me at

Jo is very new to the world of alopecia. She was diagnosed with alopecia areata in July 2019. This was quite a surprise and challenge for her to overcome. Jo works as a registered psychologist and is dynamic, engaging and solution focused. She had to apply many of the strategies she learnt as a psychologist to deal with her own hair loss situation.

Jo has been heavily involved in volunteering throughout her life, mainly in Surf Life Saving and pet therapy services. She saw volunteering with AAAF as a positive and beneficial opportunity, which in turn has helped her deal with her own alopecia journey. 

Jo is very willing to support others in the alopecia community and more than happy to provide suggestions of psychologists who work with alopecia clients.

Jo enjoys exercising, spending time with her partner and family, cooking and caring for her pet therapy dog Ralphy. She can be contacted at Jo is featured in the video to the right. 


Carlo – reach me at

Carlo joined the AAAF as a committee member in June 2017. Carlo is originally from Salford, UK and has been living in Australia since 2004. Carlo has had Alopecia Universalis since the age of 5. This has not stopped him in anyway, being a professional rugby league player in the UK Super League and coaching the Italian Rugby League in the World Cup in 2013. Following on from his high performance life as a player and a coach Carlo has been employed in numerous executive positions using his expertise in high performance to assist with the growth of business’s in different sectors. Carlo has also been an ambassador for children’s charities and was a trustee of Alopecia UK when he undertook a year contract helping a family business in the UK. Carlo is focused on the awareness of alopecia in the general public and providing support to the alopecia community especially children.

Nadine- reach me at 

 Nadine developed alopecia at the age of 8 in 2003 and joined AAAF this year (2019). Nadine is a teacher, she loves being active and experiencing different cultures while travelling the world. Nadine hid her alopecia with wigs, hair extensions and makeup from everyone except her immediate family for 11 years. Now, Nadine is an open book and is happy to answer absolutely any questions or concerns you may have. She also understands the physical and emotional struggles that may come with alopecia. If she could give you one bit of advice it is “Be out of this world. Be you. Do you”.

Clara- reach me at 

Clara is an energetic, art doing, animal loving, chance taking lover of life. She was diagnosed with Alopecia at age 15, and strongly believes that a full head of hair isn’t necessary to be a strong, beautiful, whole human being. Clara is very passionate about helping people and spreading awareness about Alopecia and the AAAF, and is always happy to have a chat if needed!


Alex – reach me at 

Alex is a 26 year old veterinarian living in Western Australia’s beautiful South West region, and is a proud ambassador for the AAAF. Alex was first diagnosed with Alopecia Areata in January 2017 whilst completing her veterinary degree, and progressed to complete Alopecia Universalis in May 2019. She has experienced the emotional rollercoaster throughout her journey with hair loss, but has now embraced her Alopecia and is proud to represent a new standard of beauty and diversity for society! Alex can be contacted at 


Maddi – Support Ambassador 

Maddi was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata at the age of 13. Now at age 29, Maddi has accepted her condition and is passionate about raising awareness and connecting with others from the alopecia community. Maddi works full time as a Marketing Coordinator and in her spare time enjoys live music, travelling and eating all the delicious food Melbourne has to offer.

If you’d like to connect or have a story you would like to share with the community, you can contact Maddi at

Jess – Support Ambassaodor

Jess has been involved with the AAAF as Branch Manager from 2018-2023, and transitioning to Support Ambassador in 2024. Jessica is enthusiastic about creating a more extensive support network within Tasmania. Jess is passionate about building supportive relationships, creating understanding and awareness as she understands the need for support and assistance locally. Jess’s favourite place is the beach. You can contact Jess at