Donate Hair


donate hair infographicDonating your hair to be made into a wig for someone who cannot grow hair of their own is a generous gift and rewarding experience. It’s very important to us that not a single gift is wasted, so please be sure to follow these simple steps to ensure your hair meets our requirements. All hair donated to AAAF is sent wig makers who specialize in making hair pieces for medical purposes. We receive funds from the wig makers and these go to support our Wigs For Kids program, which provides financial grants to help families with the costs of wigs. So your hair donation helps kids with Alopecia Areata twice!

Before You Start: Requirements

In order to donate your locks to be made into Wigs for Kids, your hair must be:

  • 36cm in length or longer. 
  • Free from permanent or semi-permanent hair dye. 
  • Secured firmly at the top and bottom of the pony tail or braid. 
  • Clean and dry when cut.

Until recently AAAF accepted hair down to 30cm in length. However, recent changes with our wig makers mean that we are now asking for longer lengths. This is to ensure that all the hair we receive is long enough to use and that all generous donations go to someone who needs them. However, if you have already cut your hair at 30cm of length, you are welcome to send it in to us.

Step One: Fundraise (Optional)

Get family and friends to support your hair donation by donating funds to help AAAF to continue our life changing work. Click here for information about setting up a fundraiser in support of the Hair Donation Program.

Step Two: Fill in the Form

Click here to download the Hair Donation Form.

Print, fill in your details, and be sure to include when you post the hair donation to us to receive a Thank You Certificate.

Step Three: Cut and Send

The exciting part! Cut the hair, and pop it into an envelope addressed as below:


PO Box 5029,

Frankston South,

Vic 3199

Step Four: Submit Before and After Photos (Optional)


If you took before and after photos, submit them using the form above or email them to  to be featured in our hair donation gallery and on our Facebook page. Include your instagram username to be featured there.


Hair Donation Frequently Asked Questions

  • My hair is shorter than 36cm – Can I still donate?

Yes.  The shortest lengths acceptable is 25cm. Our wig makers need as close to 36cm as possible to work with to create their wigs. The longer the hair, the better!

  • How do I measure the length of my hair?

Pull the hair into ponytails with the top tie just below where you intend to cut. Gentle pull the ponytail until the length is straight and use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the length. Most of the hair should reach the 36cm minimum length.

  • Why is it so important for the hair to be dry when cut and packaged for posting?

During postage and transport, your hair will be in packaging for several days, possibly even a week or two. If the hair is wet, it can become mouldy and will not be able to be used. Clean, dry hair is always best.

  • I’ve had a semi-permanent dye – can I still donate my hair?

Unfortunately, we can’t accept hair that has had any kind of dye until it has completely grown out. The chemicals in the dye mean the hair fibers break during the wig making process. This is also the case with chemically straightened or curled hair.

  • Where can I have my hair cut in my town?

Any hair dresser should be able to cut your hair to be donated, so feel free to go to your usual salon or barber. If you like, you can print our flyer with instructions for the best way to cut the hair to take with you.

  • Can grey hair be donated?

Yes.  Full grey pony tails or hair with a few grey strands is fine. It is harder to use salt and pepper hair.

  • My hair is naturally curly – should I straighten it before I cat my donation?

Leaving your hair in its natural state is best, as this makes it easier for our wig makers to sort.

  • Can I donate my hair to be made into a wig for someone I know?

It takes about 15 ponytails to make one wig. When wanting to donate hair for a specific individual, this needs to be done directly with the wig maker, excluding AAAF from the process.

  • Can I see a photo of the wig my hair is made into?

It takes about 15 ponytails to make one wig and your hair might go into 1 or multiple wigs. Once AAAF delivers the hair, the usability of the hair is controlled by the wig maker.  We do share  photos and stories from our wonderful Wigs for Kids recipients.