This Sponsorship Program provides financial support for individuals and families living with Alopecia Areata, while also raising awareness of the condition. 

AAAF will provide funding for successful applicants for skill development and participation in activities. We are especially looking for activities which support the health and wellness of participants, both physical and mental. Activities which have an element of team or community participation are also encouraged.

The program will raise awareness for alopecia areata by collecting and sharing content from sponsorship recipients on social and traditional media. AAAF encourages participants to seek and take part in PR and media activities, and to share information about Alopecia Areata and AAAF with their local communities. 

You can see some examples of how to promote awareness for alopecia areata and AAAF here. 

Applications are now open and will be hosted in rounds: 

Q1 April 11- May 31 – Award June 15

Q2 July 1- August 31 – Award Sept 15

Q3 October 1- Nov 30- Award Dec 15

Q4 Dec 1 – Jan 31 2023- Award Feb 15, 2023

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