AAAF Achievements







We had a large increase in in-person events all around the country, particularly in NSW.  Survey participation in QOL for PBS assistance. We’ve reached 6500 FB followers and the members of our committee conducted numerous radio interviews.


We hosted many “Online Coffees” and State Based AAADventure Camps and provided discounted mind, body and soul therapies. We Participated in a Database for confirmed COVID-19 cases with a form of Alopecia. Clinical trial: Sublingual tofacitinib for alopecia areata: a roll-over pilot clinical trial and analysis of pharmacokinetics. We hosted a 10K Giveaway and Guess Me Competitions


Launch of the No Hair We Care Package Program Supplied grant to explore quality of life impacts of physical activity and psychological interventions for people with Alopecia Areata  


Partner organisation for the SECURE-Alopecia Coronavirus Database


10th Anniversary Celebrations 


Eggopecia Easter Campaign


Launch of Teen Alopecia Support Group  

AAAF Sponsorship Program

Alopecia Areata Adventure Camp 

Supplied grant to investigate the barriers and enablers to engaging in physcial activity and improving Quality of Life for people with Alopecia Areata Launch of the #WinningAlopecia Campaign  

Hair salon awareness videos with Sustainable Salons Australia


Scarf Art Project   

WA Support Group Boys Weekend

Branch Open in Tas

Development of Alopecia, Teens and Mental Health Information Pack. 

#HealthyAlopecia Blog Competition

AAAF sponsors two year investigational research into the efficacy of cycosporin A and Tofacitinib in the treatment of Alopecia Areata.   Launch of the Tasmania Alopecia Support Group Campaign   

AAAF represented amoung 55 delegates at the Consumer Health Forum of Australia’s Youth Health Forum

AAAF joins steering committee for National Youth Mental Health Engagement Initiative



First AAAdventure Camp for Kids with Alopecia Areata   

#EmbraceAlopecia Wig Competition

Informational Wig Video Series

Development of Parents Pack for families with Alopecia Areata.

Launch of Men’s Alopecia Support Group

Participation in Aclairs trial. Kokoda17 Trek to raise funds and awareness of Alopecia Areata   

Creation of AAAF 2018 Calendar 


West VS Rest campaign to promote competitive fundraising for the Wigs for Kids program   

Launch of the AAAF Blog, Love, Alopecia 

Supplied grant to fund research into associations between physical activity, quality of life (QoL) and mental health in patients with Alopecia Areata. Took Remove GST on Wigs campaign to the public, with petition and peaceful protest demonstration   

Bald Canvas Initiative ran programs in Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia.



Kids Informational Video “Alopecia Areata: why does my hair fall out?”   

Informational videos for helping people with AA

Launch of AAAF newsletter R.A.I.S.E.

Wigs for Biggest Kids program runs to aid those over age 55 in the cost of wearing a wig.

Supplied grant to fund research into treatment of AA with topical Janus Kinase (JAK) inhibitors   


Radio advertising – Donate Hair   

Launch of Bald Canvas Initiative



Wigs for Big Kids program runs to aid uni students in the costs of wearing a wig.   

Established Boldest Bald Tea campaign

Created Coping with AA brochure

AAAF grant to fund psychosocial research into AA impact on the family unit AAAF grant for verbatim play and dvd “Bald Heads and Blue Stars”   




Creation of the AAAF online store for sale of low cost wigs for people with AA.   

Created Women Talking about Alopecia brochure

Created Parents Talking to Parents brochure

Created Teens talking about Alopecia Brochure

Supplied grant for research into skin resident memory T cells in AA.   

Participation in Viviscal Trial

Supplied grant to fund psychological research into of AA on women’s self-esteem, mood states and coping.

Supplied grant to fund psychological research into impact of AA over time.

Collaboration with band Redwoods on song “All The Strands”   

Launch of the Turning Heads Project



Branches open in NSW and WA   

Creation of Support Ambassador Roles

CBA Grant to support Wigs for Kids Program

Launch of No GST on Wigs campaign.

Creation of School Pack to inform teachers and parents about AA in the classroom.

Supplied grant to fund psychological research into coping techniques and the psychological impact of AA on young people.   


Began program for grant with Australia Dermatologist College for yearly research paper


Became Charity of Choice for Heritage Ladies Golf Committee   




Branch open in QLD   

CBA Grant to launch Wigs For Kids Program

First annual Trivia Night and Open Days

Participation in trial with Fusion Health Hair Expo 2011 – 1500 brochure given to hairdressers   

Village Cinema Ad

C31 TV Ad



Branches open in SA and ACT   


  Launch Donate Hair Program



AAAF run support events in all states throughout the year. These range from Open Days, Pizza Nights and casual Coffee Catch-ups, to Trivia Nights, Workshops, Wig Sales and much, much more. Being able to connect with other people with AA is hugely rewarding and AAAF is very proud to be able to facilitate this through our events.