Support for Youth

Youth living with Alopecia Areata may seek information and resources about the condition. This is a collection of some of AAAF’s content which may be of value to you. 

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Support Groups

Support groups are a fantastic way to get in touch with other people who are living with Alopecia Areata, to ask questions and find new friends. AAAF has support groups, run as a closed group on Facebook, in most states and a closed group for teens age 13-23 only. Parents and family members are not accepted into the teen group, but are welcome to join our state support groups. 

The AAAdventure Camp

Rich results on Google's SERP when searching for 'alopecia support group and community'AAAF run the Alopecia Areata Adventure Camp annually in November as part of Alopecia Awareness Week. The camp is open for young people aged 5-18. It is completely free for young people with a form of Alopecia Areata to attend, including flights, accomodation, meals and activities. The AAAdventure Camp is a great opportunity to meet other young people with the condition and have an amazing weekend. 


Support Ambassadors

AAAF’s Support Ambassadors can be contacted directly for one-on-one support, and, wherever possible, can assist with hosting information sessions about Alopecia at schools, clubs and youth groups. 


Brochures, Information Sheets and Infographics

Many of these brochures were created following psychological research undertaken by AAAF. 

It is not uncommon for people living with Alopecia Areata to experience difficult times and challenging emotions. How can you know when a tough time may be a sign of something more serious? Who can you reach out to for support if you are worried things don’t feel right? The “Alopecia, Young People and Mental Health” information sheet can help answer these questions, and has some suggestions for how to manage difficult periods. 

The “Teens Talking to Teens” brochure draws on their experiences of teens with Alopecia Areata from around Australia. 

The “Coping with Alopecia Areata” brochure includes information about the most helpful strategies for managing the impact of Alopecia Areata on your life. 

This brochure includes information on how the grieving process can accompany hair loss, and how this can impact people of various age groups, including teens.

These infographics were created to highlight some of the common things people with AA hear, and what you can say instead.  It can be useful for those with loved ones living with Alopecia Areata to be aware of how well intended comments may be frustrating or hurtful.


Love, Alopecia

Love,  Alopecia is AAAF’s blog. It has articles and stories on a range of topics related to Alopecia Areata. The following articles might be of particular interest.

Taking the Plunge: Telling people about your Alopecia

Ask the Experts – Young Adult Perspectives

AAAdventure Camp 2017


Video Resources

AAAF have a number of video resources which may be useful for you. You can find more by subscribing on YouTube

 Get Help

If you need help or support immediately, we recommend reaching out to the following organisations.

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