Special Donations

Container Scheme

Support AAAF and help the environment by recycling your empty beverage containers! We’re partnering with container deposit schemes across Australia, allowing you to contribute to AAAF while recycling.
Here’s how it works in each state:
NSW – Return and Earn Program: Donate your 10-cent refunds to AAAF through nearby Return and Earn machines using their app.
VICTORIA – CDS Vic Program: Download the CDS Vic app corresponding to your zone (East, West, or North) to donate your refund to AAAF.
ACT, QUEENSLAND & WESTERN AUSTRALIA: Stay tuned for updates as we register with Return-It and Containers for Change in these areas.
SOUTH AUSTRALIA & NORTHERN TERRITORY: Organize collection drives or place bins for staff use to raise funds for AAAF through container deposit schemes.
TASMANIA – Recycle Rewards Program: Look out for Tasmania’s scheme launching in 2024 for more ways to support AAAF.
Stay updated and learn how to donate your refunds to AAAF in your area through our social media channels!

Regular Giving

By joining our regular giving program, you’ll be contributing directly to AAAF’s efforts to improve the lives of people living with Alopecia Areata and their families. AAAF receives no government funding, so your regular giving is so important because it gives AAAF the financial stability we need to continue to expand our support services, create new resources, fund new research opportunities and launch new awareness campaigns to fight the stigma surrounding this condition. 

The best and easiest way to set up regular giving is through your personal banking app using our direct deposit details, as this will avoid additional fees on the transaction.

AAAF details for a Direct Deposit donation:

BSB: 083253
A/C: 167936134

You can email donate@aaaf.org.au to organise a tax receipt for donations.


Work Place Giving

Workplace giving is one of the simplest, most tax efficient and cost effective ways to donate to a great cause such as Australia Alopecia Areata Foundation.

How does it work?

Workplace giving (also known as payroll giving) enables you to make automatic regular donations from your pre-tax salary, which results in an immediate tax reduction.

How you can get involved?

Ask your employer’s payroll department if they currently offer a workplace giving program, if so then simply join the current system and fill out a workplace giving form.

If no program is set up why not suggest for your workplace to get involved with workplace giving today. Download our printable brochure containing more information about the program and the many benefits to employers, employee’s and AAAF.


All donations help the AAAF to expand our reach, to help more people with alopecia areata, and to fund more research into finding an acceptable treatment. A bequest is an instruction within a will which reserves a portion of your estate to a specific beneficiary. It is one of the most personal and enduring ways that you can support the work we do.

These gifts, large or small, are hugely appreciated. Every little bit helps to improve the lives of men, women, and children living with alopecia areata.

Please contact us at info@aaaf.org.au if you require wording for the bequest you are considering.